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Montefalco: Wine Roads


Terre del Sagrantino - Sagrantino Festival
During the Easter festivities, the Sant'Agostino Complex hosts a market exhibition featuring the characteristic products of the Sagrantino Wine Road,which runs through the towns of Montefalco, Bevagna, Castel Ritaldi, Giano dell'Umbria and Gualdo Cattaneo.


Cantine Aperte - Wineries' Open House
On the last Sunday in May the wineries open their doors to tourists who can taste quality wines in the same place they are produced. Guided wine tastings, tours of the wineries and cellars, conferences, art exhibits, music and exhibitions of typical products: an interesting not-to-be missed experience amidst the artistic treasures of amazing historic villages and the magic of the most admired Umbrian wines.


Agosto Montefalchese - August in Montefalco
A re-enactment of the local history and traditions featuring a rich programme of concerts, dance and theatre performances, and food competitions.

Calici di stelle a Montefalco - Wine under the stars
The Sagrantino Under the Starsevent takes place on the night of St. Lorenzo, dedicated to falling stars. The evening is dedicated to D.O.C.G. Sagrantino and D.O.C. Montefalco red wines, which can be enjoyed against the marvellous backdrop of Montefalco's main square, in an atmosphere of music and dancing.

La fuga del Bove - Ox Race
The ''Ox Race'', brought to life in Montefalco each year, is a non-violent re-enactment of a popular game widely chronicled in the city's historic documents. "Held tight by a rope, a captive, the Ox would up the town streets, during the Christmas season. Awaiting would be a noisy, tumultuous crowd. Protected by sturdy oak railings, the majority would get ready to fight against the powerful beast, counting on certain victory. In the town square, drunk with wine and pepper, the furious ox would hurl itself in anger against the mocking men waving scarlet rags and cloth dolls, and would vent its rage against the wooden barrels where the men sought refuge from his fury. Until the beast, worn out by the cruel game, would finally give in to the packs of snarling hounds, who would deal it the final blow". On Christmas day, its meat would enlighten every table. And every family, no matter how poor, would eat at least a pound as a sign of "devotion".


Wine Week
Wine Week is held in the showrooms and cloister of the Complex of Sant'Agostino, a market-exhibition of Montefalco D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines and the typical products of the Sagrantino Wine Road. This event includes a market-exhibition of Montefalco D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines, Montefalco Sagrantino D.O.C.G dry and sweet wines, D.O.C. red Montefalco wines and D.O.C. white Montefalco wines. Other typical products are featured here, the most prestigious of which is the D.O.P. extra virgin olive oil from Umbria's Martani hills. There are also guided tastings held by the Slow Food association in their Taste Workshops, and other activities, such as flavour strolls, guided tours of the wineries and conferences, all designed to promote and provide additional information about the local winegrowing. The "E' tempo di Sagrantino" (Time for Sagrantino) event will feature the presentation of the 1999 vintage. At the"Il Sagrantino Disegnato",(Drawing Sagrantino) show, held in co-operation with Umbria Fumetto (Umbria comic book festival) a label designed by an artist will be selected for the new vintage of the noble red wine. The selected artist for 2002 was Lorenzo Mattotti, who will also present a personal show of original works including comic strips, drawings and illustrations.
The event concludes on Sunday afternoon with the "Festa della Vendemmia",(Grape Harvest Festival), a traditional parade of floats decorated with the theme of wine and grape harvesting that moves through the old centre of the town and reaches the main piazza, all decked out with wines, sweets and other traditional products.


Frantoi Aperti - Oil Mills' Open House
An opportunity to taste and buy new oil directly where it is made. The initiative was designed to promote the local production of extra virgin olive oil, which has already obtained many awards for its exceptional quality.


Andar per Frantoi e Mercatini - Visiting Oil Mills and Markets
his is the Market and Exhibition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Traditional Products and Crafts. The event also includes an exhibition of the tools and other objects traditionally used in olive growing along with guided tastings of olive oil and an interesting food and wine tour that winds its way through Montefalco's restaurants.




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