Rocca di Fabbri estate




Blend: 80% Sagrantino, 20% Sangiovese
System of growing: low spurred cordon
Plant density: 5,000 plants per hectare
Yield per hectare: 5,000 lt

Winemaking: long maceration on the skin and
temperature controlled fermentation

Refinement: in french oak barrique Allier for 12
months and 8 months in bottle

Colour: ruby red

Aroma: very rich bouquet, we can recognize the
violet, mature cherry and prune. Acknowledge the
sweet spices, caramel and vanilla

Taste: smooth and intense, distinct and balanced;
alive in his strong sweet taste with a long almond
finishing. Very pleasant in his acidity

Serving suggestions: perfect with dry pastry,
almond based dessert, or served with blue and
seasoned cheese
Serving temperature: 60/65 °F




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Visit Rocca di Fabbri vineyards

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